What We Need to Do If Roku Activation Link Code is Not Working?

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Roku activation link code

Roku Activation Link Code is not Working

First of all, let us congratulate you on having one of the best online streaming devices. It’s sad that your Roku activation link code is not working. Well, we will come to it and definitely help you with your problem but before we start to know what features you will get when you solve your Roku activation issue. We know you already know the feature, but still, we insist you to check the features of Roku before you start reading the troubleshooting guide as it will help you to remind how desperately you want to activate your Roku and don’t miss or jump any step.

Roku Features:

  • Access more than 500000+ movies and TV episodes.
  • Enjoy content with 1080p HD support
  • Roku device comes with power remote that has shortcuts buttons for your favorite service like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.
  • Access your personal media files directly on your TV
  • Enhance the capabilities of Roku using your Smartphone
  • You are allowed to enjoy both types of free and paid content
  • Enhanced search option let you search for free and paid content without battling with its wide media gallery

So, friends, these are some highlights of Roku service there are more, but you are here because your Roku activation link code is not working, right? So without any delay let’s began the process.

Roku Account Setup

You need first to complete the Roku account setup process. If you have already created a Roku account, then you can skip the process if not then you need to make Roku account first. Roku account is necessary for Roku activation without it you can’t move further. There are more benefits of making Roku account like it help you to manage all the activities and other things right from one place. To make an account, you need a working valid email address.

Moreover to access channels like Sky Store, NOW TV, TV Player etc. you need the account. Managing subscription, make payment etc. everything needs a Roku account. You can create a Roku account by going to Roku’s official website.

After creating your account go to Roku.com/link from your computer, tablet or smartphone and enter the code that appears on your TV screen. This will prompt when you attach your Roku device with your TV. Connect your device with Wi-Fi or Ethernet and follow onscreen steps. When it will show you the Roku activation code, note it down and type it on the link that we above mentioned. Without going to this Roku code link, you will be not able to activate your device.

Check your Roku Activation Link Code

We hope that you have reached here before reaching this article. Your primary concern was Roku activation link is not working. Well, make a note that your Roku link code activation is not working or taking some time. Because your Wi-Fi is getting disconnected or it is not running on a stable speed. If there is such an issue then first report the problem to your internet service provider. If the internet is working fine, then you need to try other methods.

We recommend you to first check the code letters and see if you have entered the wrong code. Double check the Roku activation link code you might have mistyped the code.  Another option that you can try is generated the new code. Yes, you can do it if existing code is not functioning then you can easily generate new code and most of the time it works. To generate the code go back to your Roku device and press the Star (*) button on your Roku. After this simply click on Get a new code. When it shows you the new code enter it on the browser. This is how you can generate the new code and fix your Roku activation link code not working problem.

If you are still reading this, then it seems that you have tried all the Roku TV troubleshooting process and still your Roku activation link code is not working. If that is true then keep reading as now we are going to tell you something that will definitely work for you. At last, when you have tried everything, the last thing that you can do is take help of any expert.

Contact with Roku Technical Support

It is not like that above Roku troubleshooting tips are not from the experts as half of you reading this article already. Get the solution but if you are one of those unfortunates who have to read this portion then don’t feel hopeless as we have a dedicated support for you. Yes, we provide you Roku technical support whenever you want. We promise you that you will not feel disappointed after getting help from us.  We have professionals who will provide you best Roku TV support.

No matter what kind of problem you are facing we will help you instantly. You might be thinking how our Roku support is different and how it will solve your problem. Well, we follow really a basic thing that other generally neglect. Instead of directly working on a big issue we try to figure out the base issues like your Wi-Fi settings, connectivity issue, generated code issue and more. From Activate your Roku to how to add Roku private channels to Roku Issues with Netflix. We help you with every problem. As right now your Roku Activation link code is not working let us tell you that we have a secret method to generate Roku code that we can’t make it public.

To get the best Roku setup support, you need to call us immediately. As we are getting hundreds of calls on a daily basis. So beat the waiting time you would love to call us right now. You will get live call support on which our expert will ask few questions related to your device and the steps that you have already followed. Once answering the entire question, you need to follow instructions.

There will be two benefits of it first you don’t need to send your Roku device anywhere and second as you are following the troubleshooting yourself you don’t need to contact us again for the same thing until and unless it happens again. However, the chances are zero but you can call us again for any small to big problems. So what are you waiting for call us now to get the best Roku support?

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