How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working?

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Fix Roku Remote

How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working?

Problems with the Roku remote not pairing are annoying but should be easily solved. Here is a list of possible Fix Roku remote solutions.

Home automation and using your voice to perform tasks are some of the most exciting technological developments today. Saying something like “Hey Google, I’m leaving” and watching your lights go out and your thermostat setting to 67 degrees is pretty good. There are also other cases where your voice can replace what your hand and a remote can do, but probably should not.

Google Home and Google Assistant are designed to work with Chromecast, but what if you want to use another media player such as Roku? Do not worry, Google Home Roku support exists… sort of.

An application called “Quick Remote” gives you the capabilities of Google Home Roku, but it’s not the most beautiful experience in the world. Despite this, there are many good reasons to configure it. Suppose you have problems with your hands or when you press small keys, or you cannot find the remote control for any reason. There is no reason not to install it, so it’s there when you absolutely need it.

Your Roku Remote does not work?

If that consoles you, you are not alone. The good news is that if you find that your Roku remote is not working, there are simple solutions.

Before sharing any possible solutions, you must first determine the type of Roku remote control you have. Your broadcast device comes with a standard infrared remote that must be directed directly to the Roku or with an enhanced Fix Roku remote control that connects via a wireless network and works wherever you are.

The best way to determine your type is to open the battery compartment. If you see a pairing button, you have an enhanced all-in-one remote control. If you do not, you have a less sophisticated infrared remote control.

Now that we have solved this problem, let’s look at some solutions that should help solve the problems that prevent the Roku remote from working properly.

Fixes for IR Roku Remote Not Pairing

Correction # 1: Make sure the signal is not blocked

The problem may be due to an obstruction blocking the signal between the remote and the streaming device. Remove all objects that may be in front of your Roku and make sure you point the remote control directly at it.

If there is no obstruction and the remote control does not work when you are near the streaming player and you try to use it, the search for the correct patch continues.

Fix number 2: reset the batteries

The next solution in the list is simple: try to reset the batteries. Simply open the compartment at the back, remove the batteries, and replace them in the remote control. After that, simply point the remote control directly at your Roku and see if it works now.

Fix number 3: replace batteries

If the battery reset does not work, you can replace them. Buy new ones or borrow them from another device you have at home – AA or AAA batteries required for your remote.

Open the compartment at the back, remove the old batteries and insert new ones. Then point the remote control directly at your Roku and check if the problem is solved.

Corrections to the enhanced Point-Anywhere Roku Remote

Fix # 1: Restart your Roku device and your remote

If you have an improved remote control, the first attempt is to restart your streaming device and the remote. Open the compartment on the back of the remote control and remove the batteries. Then remove the power cable from Roku device, wait five seconds, and then plug it in again.

When the Roku Home screen does not appear on your TV, put batteries back into the remote, wait 30 seconds for a connection to be established, and press a button to see if it works.

Hotfix number 2: Re-pair the remote

As with the fixed number two, remove the batteries from the remote and the Roku’s power cable, wait five seconds, and then reconnect the cable to the device. When the Home screen appears, replace the batteries in the remote control.

Then, press and hold the pairing button in the battery compartment for three seconds or until the pairing indicator on the remote starts blinking. Wait 30 seconds for remote to establish a connection with your Roku, after which the pairing dialog will appear on your TV screen.

Fixed number: replace batteries

The battery replacement process is a little different – but still simple – compared to the standard infrared remote control described above. Remove the batteries from the remote control and the power cable from the Roku device. Wait five seconds, and then reconnect the cable.

Once the home screen of sharp Roku tv remote not working, insert the new batteries into the remote control and check if the problem persists.

If these solutions do not solve the problem you have with the remote control, you can do two other things, regardless of your type of remote control. They will not fix Roku remote for you, but at least allow you to continue using the streaming device.

Fix # 1: Download the Roku app

Have you each solution listed above and still cannot operate the remote? Fortunately, the remote supplied with your Roku is not needed to use the streaming device. The alternative is to download the free application that allows you to control the device with your smartphone.

It is free and available for Android and iOS devices. Visit the Apple Play Store or App Store, download the app and you’re done.

Correction number 2: Get a new remote

If you cannot repair the remote control and do not want to use the dedicated Roku app, you only have one more option: get a new remote. You can buy one from the company’s website with the cheapest model ($ 15), while the most expensive will cost you $ 30.

Remember that not all remote controls work with all Roku. Before making your purchase, make sure that the one you buy is compatible with your streaming device.

These are the most common solutions that should solve the problems related to the remote control you are experiencing. Are the Problems with your Roku and not just with the remote? We also have a Roku troubleshooting guide. Which one worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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