Why a Payment Method Required While Activating Roku Account

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Roku Support

Roku Support

Roku is fairly well developed in the United States and intends to gain a foothold in the French market for multimedia boxes dedicated to audio and video streaming. Faced with competition, the firm wants to play the card of price and simplicity of use. The Roku Support is offered at less than 35 $ (less than half the price charged for a Xiaomi MIBox, for example) and is a cheaper solution to easily get Netflix on a TV not connected.

The least we can say is that the Roku Express is really very small and rather light. As a result, the small plastic shell hardly fits when it is laid flat (a somewhat rigid HDMI cable will lift it). A repositionable adhesive tape and double-sided is thus provided, so as to fix a little more firmly the housing. It can also be pasted under a TV not too thin. On the side of connectivity, we can hardly do more minimalist HDMI output and a power connector micro-USB format. The power supply goes through a standard USB AC adapter, offering a maximum of 1A at 5V. In practice, the power consumption of the box rarely exceeds 2.8W in video playback.

Roku Remote Control

The supplied remote control is standard size but quite thick. The plastic used makes it slightly slippery, which does not necessarily facilitate its handling. It communicates infrared with the case – too bad, we would have preferred to find a communication in Bluetooth: this would have allowed housing the Roku Express in a piece of furniture, for example, especially since it does not take place. The number of buttons on the remote control is limited: in addition to the directional pad, there is enough to control playback and three buttons to go back, open a context menu or return to the home page.

In addition, four dedicated buttons allow launching with one touch Netflix, Rakuten TV, Yupp TV or Redbull TV. Apart from Netflix and possibly Rakuten TV, we cannot say that the choice is very suitable for the Indian market. And unfortunately, it is not possible to reassign the shortcut of these keys to other applications.

Roku Audio

Inside the case, the SoC is rather entry-level. This one is content to output a video signal in Full HD at best but has the good taste to offer management of Dolby and DTS audio tracks. Network management goes through Wi-Fi connectivity. We did not have a problem getting enough bitrate to properly read 1080p videos at around 25 Mb / s. Above that, it’s a little harder to keep, with frequent jerkiness and buffering.

Let’s come to what the Roku Support offers. It works like Apple TV 4K and other Android TVs like Nvidia Shield TV or Xiaomi MiBox; it is, therefore, a question of selecting different applications – named chains – on a store specific to Roku products. The presentation of the interface is rather simplistic, in agreement with the codes of the interfaces of multimedia boxes of ten years ago. We thus find thumbnails arranged on a 3×3 grid in which one navigates in a rather fluid way – it is already that.

Why am I asked to provide a payment method when I create a Roku account?

Your Roku account records the Roku streaming devices you own and the channels you have installed, as well as your preferences and settings. When you create a new Roku account, you are prompted to indicate a payment method, such as a credit card.

Note: You NEVER have to pay to create a Roku account.

Why do I need to provide a payment method?

Roku Support helps to understand that Roku’s payment method allows you to purchase subscriptions to popular channels, rent or buy movies and TV shows, or make other purchases through the Roku Channel Store.

Note: You will not be charged for adding or changing a Roku payment method. You will only be charged after completing the additional steps required to make a purchase; for example, when you subscribe, rent or buy a movie or TV show, or add a channel from the Roku Channel Store.

If you need to change your credit card or PayPal account information, learn how to update the payment method of your Roku account.

You can also create a PIN to prevent unauthorized users from making purchases.

How to add a Roku device to my Roku account?

When you activate a Roku streaming device, it must be linked to a Roku account. When you activate more than one Roku device, you can link each device to a different Roku account or link all devices to the same Roku account.

Notes: A Roku device can only be linked to one Roku account at a time.

  • You NEVER have to pay to create a Roku account.
  • Each Roku account records information about related Roku streaming devices, installed and purchased channels, and account preferences and settings.

Link multiple devices to the same Roku payment account

When you link multiple Roku devices to the same Roku account. The channels and purchases made will be the same on each device. When a channel is added or deleted on a device, it is also automatically added or removed on all other devices linked to that account that support that channel.

Notes: Channels must be enabled separately on each Roku device.

  • Roku devices automatically check Roku Support for changes and updates every 24 hours. If you want to perform this search immediately, on your Roku device, select Settings > System > System Update > Check Now.
  • If your Roku Account is set up to request your PIN before making purchases. The same PIN will be required to make purchases from any Roku device linked to your account.

Link devices to different Roku accounts

If you create more than one Roku account, each account must have a unique valid email address to manage the account and receive important notifications. Likewise, you must choose a safe password for each account.

If each member of your household wants to have access to different channels on their respective Roku device. You can link each Roku device to a different Roku account. For example, one account might have channels for the children’s room. While another account might have channels for parents in the living room.

Notes: Most subscription channels, like Netflix, can use on different Roku payment devices, even if they are linked to different Roku accounts.

Channel providers can limit the number of devices that can be enabled. Check with the channel provider for applicable limits. If you still have any problem, then you can contact us we can offer you Roku Support.

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