Steps to Find Your Wireless Network Name and Password on Roku

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Wireless Network Name and Password on Roku


So you want to find your wireless network name and password on Roku? Don’t worry here you will get a complete solution. We will tell you how you can easily find your wireless network name and password on Roku. If you are here for a known purpose, then you might be thinking why it is crucial to know name and password? Well, it is easy to understand about the password but why name.

Actually, some people are less techie, and their Wi-Fi has been set up and connected by any technician or friend. In such a case when they need to connect their new device like Roku with Wi-Fi connection, then they get puzzled especially when they see their neighbor connection too. Anyways here we are sharing a complete guide that is specially written keeping people in mind who are less friendly to technology. So are you ready to know your wireless network name and password on Roku?

When you connect your Roku Streaming player or Roku TV to your Wi-Fi connection or home wireless network, then you need to select your wireless network. It sounds easy for those who know their wireless network name, but the same simple task acts as a problem because Roku will scan and show all the available networks. Now if one doesn’t know his or her home network then obviously it is but difficult to pick the right one. Let us share you a simple trick. Just go with the first one as Roku device will prioritize on first that has the strongest signal and as your router is in your home so it will detect it on first, but this will not work always.

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Before moving further know that the wireless network name can be either set by yourself or your router manufacturer or internet service provider. It seems that you forget the name in case you have set your desired name. Anyways don’t worry here is a method to find your wireless network name.

How to Find Your Wireless Network Name

One of the simple ways is to check your smartphone, computer or laptop. Check which network your other existing devices are connected to. Once you get the name, select the same for your Roku device.

In case you are not able to see your network name on the list of available networks then without any delay select “Choose Your Network” option and from here choose the “Scan again to see all networks” option. It will show you the list of available networks again.

If you haven’t set up your Wi-Fi network earlier then you can either contact your internet service provider or simply you can check the back of your router where you will find the default name. In most of the case, it is the same name that you are looking for.

How to Get Your Wireless Password

Hope you’ve found your home network name, now its time to get your wireless password. As you know that you need to enter the same password that you are using to connect your laptop or smartphone to your home network, but in case you forget your password, then we recommend you to contact your internet service provider.

Let us clear you that there are many alternative ways to find your wireless network name and password, but that makes the post long. We have just told you the simplest way. Call the Roku Com support, and they will tell your Wireless network name and password after confirming your identity.

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Above we’ve told you to check the bottom of your router. In case of getting the password you can try this as most of the time it is the same.

Tips for Entering Passwords

Entering the password in Roku is a bit different from what you enter in your smartphone or laptop. You need to be very careful while entering the password in Roku screen. As you know that passwords are case-sensitive. We recommend you to use the Shift key on the on-screen keyword in case your password has capital letters.

When entering password sometimes, we enter or press the same key that leads to the wrong password. To avoid this situation especially when you have a super strong password we recommend you to select show password option on the password entry screen. This smart option let you check the password you are typing. Make sure use this feature when you are alone otherwise others will use your data.

We hope we have helped you to find your wireless network name and password on Roku. If you are still facing any problem, then it is the right time to call the real experts. Especially when you don’t want to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie online without any delay.

Mother of All Solutions

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