How to Fix Unable to Update Issue with Roku Streaming Devices?

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Issue with Roku Streaming Devices


All Roku streaming devices are designed to run on the latest version. All of Roku devices get an update to latest software version automatically. It is smart enough that it frequently checks the new update. Randomly for every 24 to 36 hours, it checks for new updates and if found it let you know whenever a new update is available. In this, if you didn’t update your device for long, then there might be some issue with Roku Streaming Devices that you need to sort as soon as possible.

Generally, your device will automatically install the new update, but if it is not getting any update, then you love to check our guide on how to fix unable to update issue with Roku streaming devices. Make sure not to miss any point, and if any of tip doesn’t work for you, then we recommend you to read our special Roku troubleshooting guide to figure out the mother of all solutions. Definitely, it will help you. So what are waiting to implement the solutions immediately?

I Got a Message on Screen ‘Unable to Update Software’

One of the biggest reasons to this problem might be a slow connection, but as you are enjoying movies and series in your Roku streaming device already so, there are fewer chances of it that you have a slow internet connection. Yes if there are some unexpected or unreliable outage, then you need to wait for a while until the speed of the internet gets back to the normal.

How to Fix Unable to Update Issue with Roku Streaming Devices

Sometimes it is possible that your Roku streaming devise service may be temporarily unavailable. If you notice then on ‘Unable to update software’ there is an error code. Generally, it shows four types of errors 001, 002, 003, and 005. Each code has a different meaning.

Now if you see any error code in the screen, then we recommend you to wait for few minutes and choose the first option ‘Try updating again.’ If there is an extended outage then it will alert you instantly, you can check it just top of the Roku support site. If you see alert here then when the outage is over try again.

If there is no alert on the screen and if you still see the error message even after lots of attempts then there is a high chance that it is an issue of network connectivity. To deal with this problem, you need to follow below steps:

  1. First of all, figure out whether you have connected your Roku device with the right network. If you are choosing wrong wireless network name then obviously it will show wireless network connection fails. Make sure your network connection is properly established.
  2. Check your router and confirm whether your router is working properly or not. If you are sure then to ensure it by checking its connection on your smartphone or laptop and launch any website. If sites are openings without any problem, then follow the next step.
  3. The next important thing that you need to check is the strength of the wireless signal. Yes, it is also the most important thing that most of the people ignore. If your device is connected to the internet and your other devices like smartphone etc. are perfectly running but Roku device is not able to install update then most probably it is because of weak Wi-Fi signals. If possible bring them close and also try to remove obstacles like cabinets, electronics, walls, etc. between Roku device and router.
  4. Now its time to restart your Roku device and your router. To do it just go to Settings > System > System restart. Another shortcut is just unplugging your device from the power source and plugs it back.
  5. You need to restart the router also for which you need to push the power or restart button. Read your manual to find it. You can also follow above direct unplugging your device method.

Steps to Find Your Wireless Network Name and Password on Roku

Wireless vs. Ethernet

Some of Roku device models let you connect to internet using Ethernet cable. If you are facing any type of problem with your Wi-Fi connection, then we recommend you to use Ethernet cable. It promises you to give faster speed without any interruption. Wireless is less reliable in many cases, but when it comes to Ethernet, it guarantees you a better connection and speed.

What If I Am Still Unable to Update My Roku Device?

It is unfortunate that you are still facing the problem. If nothing works for you, then we have the best solution for you. No, you are guessing wrong you don’t have to follow another tutorial or Roku troubleshoot guide. We just want you to take help from an expert. Yes, it is one of the best ways to solve any problem without any problem. We have expert technicians who are ready to serve you anytime. You have just to call us, and one of our technicians will assist you.

The best thing about our service is you don’t have to send your Roku device to us. Our technician will guide you over the phone. Yes, you read it right we give you a chance to fix your device yourself, so next time you don’t have to look for any Roku support when you face the problem again. So what are you waiting for call the Roku technical support now? Apart from it, you can call our support at 877-937-8077 for any kind of Roku related problem.

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