Steps to Check Connection to Your Home Network and the Internet with Roku

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Roku Streaming Device

Your Roku streaming device let your stream video and audio from the internet. To get a better and uninterrupted service you need to ensure that you have a good internet connection that provides high-speed internet. After all streaming HD videos and high-quality audio obviously, need fast speed internet. Say you are enjoying your movie or any serial suddenly it starts buffering, now in this situation what you will do?

Well, you may try lots of things like check data balance, check internet speed, call the internet service provider and many more. Now, what if you can check the connection to your home network and the internet along with the current internet speed without opening your laptop? Well, that would be great right. You can easily do it and check the quality of the connection and see other information through Settings menu on your Roku device. Don’t worry here you will get a complete Roku technical support.

How to Start the Connection Check

It is very easy to begin the connection check. All you need to follow below steps:

  1. First of all, pick your Roku remote and press on Home button.
  2. Select Setting via scrolling up and down.
  3. Select Network and then check the connection.

Note: Know that you are not able to see the Check connection option if your Roku device is not connected to your internet. In this situation, you are just able to see the Setup connection option. We recommend you to connect your Roku streaming device to proceed to the next step.

What Does the Connection Check Do?

When the connection check starts your Roku streaming device tries to connect to the wired or wireless network. If it is successful, then it attempts to connect to the internet. After each successful connection, you will see a green check. If you see any red ‘x’ sign, then it means the connection fails to the internet.

Your Roku streaming device will successfully be connected to the internet when you will see green checks for both connections. Meanwhile, your Roku streaming device will also present the result, and also it will test the strength of the connection. If the device founds the connection well, then it will show you a message like Connection check was successful.

If it gets connects to poor connection then it will show you a message with an error code, it also shows you lots of suggestion that you can try to improve the speed of your connection.

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Can I Review Connection Check Results Later?

You can easily access and review of all recent internet connection by visiting Settings > Network > About.

If your Roku streaming device is connected with a wireless network, then you can check two things.

  1. Signal Strength: It is same as you check your mobile network. If it is showing less strength, then you can get more by bringing the device and router bit closer.
  2. Internet Download Speed: It shows you the internet download speed. You can see the data and compare whether you are getting promised speed from your internet service provider or not.

If you are using an Ethernet cable, then you are not able to see the signal strength. You can see only the internet download speed. The reason for this is Ethernet cable is known for providing fast speed with very less up and downs.

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What Do the Results Mean?

If you have recently performed the test, then the internet download speed and signal strength will show you three values: Excellent, Good, or Poor. If your device shows the Excellent result, then you don’t have to worry about anything while if it shows poor, then you need to work on your internet in order to get a service without any interruption.

What to Do If There is ‘X’  in Red Color

If the screen has shown red ‘X’ for both in wireless or Ethernet connection, then it means that your device is unable to make a connection with the router. You can use the following methods to solve this.

  • Check if the router is on. If it is already on then try to restart it.
  • Go to Network menu and select Set up connection and establish the connection.
  • Check whether your internet connection is working with your Smartphone, laptop or other smart devices. If not then immediately contact your internet service provider.

Restart your Roku Streaming Device and the Router

If you still see the red ‘x’ sign even after trying above tips, then you can also try to restart your both devices means Roku device and router.

  • To restart the Roku streaming player go to Settings >System > System restart. Alternatively, you can also unplug the device directly from the power source and plug it again.
  • You need to restart the router for which you can push the restart button in the router. If you are not able to find it, then read the router’s manual.

So this is the steps to check the connection to your home network and internet. If you still face the problem and hate following another tutorial then get help from our Roku com support experts who will give you a live assistant. You are just one call away from our special Roku support service. Call us now at toll-free number 877-937-8077.

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