What to Do for Resolving the Roku Channel Playback Issue?

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Roku Channel Playback Issue

Are you getting Roku Channel Playback Issue in your Roku device? If yes then here you will get the best solution. Every Roku streaming device let you access collection of video and audio that is made by the developer of that channel such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Your Roku streaming device is specially designed to play video at the highest HD quality possible.

The quality of video or audio you want to watch or listen is all based on your internet connection and obviously on the capabilities of your TV. In some cases, because of network issue or some other problems, users are unable to watch videos in HD quality, or it buffers or sometimes there is a problem with only one channel. Now here we are giving some best possible ways that will help you to resolve your Roku channel playback issue and other related problems.

You will get help from this article if you are facing the following problem in your Roku streaming device. If your problem doesn’t match with the given list then still feel free to try the Roku TV troubleshooting guide as there are higher chances that it will work for you. So here is the list:

  • Unable to play a specific video
  • Poor video quality or video is very slow to start
  • Unable to play videos in any channel
  • Unable to play any video from a single channel
  • Frequent rebuffering (starting and stopping)

Note: If you see an HDCP error or purple screen then it means that your device is not able to fetch proper content protection technology. Here we are not covering this. If you are facing the same, then you can reach our Roku setup support team. You will get to know more about it at the end of this article.

How to Identify and Resolve Playback Issues?

As there are multiple things that are responsible for playback issues we have tried really hard to figure each issue, resulting we are mentioning various issues with a solution. Just read the issues and follow the solution accordingly.

  • Unable to Play Specific Video

You need to try to play another video simply. If you are not able to play any specific video then but other videos are playing without any issue then there is a problem with a video itself. We recommend you to call the customer support and inquire about that particular video.

  • Unable to Play a Video from a Single Channel

Try playing a video from a different channel. In general, it happens because your paid subscription might expire, if it is not then trying to relink the channel, before contacting customer support.

  • Not Able to Play a Video from any Channel

You need immediately check the status of the internet connection by going to Settings > Network > About. If it shows you no internet connection, then select the Setup connection option and simply follow the on-screen instructions. After this run a test of your internet connection and network speed.

If Roku channel playback issue still persists then restart your router and your Roku device too. To restart your Roku TV, go to Settings > System > Power > System restart or to restart your Roku Player go to Settings > System > System restart. You also have an option to unplug your device directly and plug it again, in case you want to save your couples of seconds.

  • If Video Buffers or Has a Poor Video Quality

No need to say that your Roku device is specially designed to play high-quality videos that you enjoy over your internet connection. If you are experiencing a poor video quality or buffering then obviously it irritates you a lot. Well you are not paying high bills for such experience, right? So here is the solution.

Contact your internet service provider and see whether you are only one who suffers the problem or others are also facing the same problem. If it is yours only then it will be solved by your internet service provider. For a moment if you are not able to get a quick solution, then we recommend you to turn off the other devices that connect with your Wi-Fi system for instance laptop, streaming players, smartphone, game consoles, and other streaming players. It will hopefully solve the buffering issue.

If you already have high-speed internet plan and if you are facing buffering problem then don’t worry as there might be some legitimate problem from the side of your internet service provider. You can confirm it by calling them.

What if Nothing Works for Me?

Well, it is unfortunate that not a single solution works for you, but if you have read the whole article, then we have mentioned our Roku support. Well, you will be glad to know that we have a special Roku technical support that is providing a special help to people like you who are not able to fix their device problem themselves. Call us now at 877-937-8077.

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